Bougainvillea and Santan Flowers for Snack

Would you care for some Bougainvillea and Santan Snacks?

That’s right.


SantanIxora coccinea. 




BougainvilleaBougainvillea spectabilis. bou


These flowers are abundant in Asia.  They make places like parks, schools, offices, and residences fresh and beautiful.  In the Philippines, they are used in one or two of the following events.

  • Flores de Mayo
  • All Saint’s Day
  • All Soul’s Day
  • Flowers for flower Girls in Weddings


But NEVER were they used as food.


In Southern Thailand, on the other hand, they are food.  Yes, totally amazing.  The snack is called “Dok Mai Thot”, which mean fried flowers.  Fried Bougainvillea and Santan taste like just like any other crisps.  It was an amazing experience.  I could not believe I was eating Bougainvillea and Santan flowers.

For you to be able to empathize with me, here it is.



Bougainvillea flowers ( as many as you want)

Santan flowers (as many as you want)




1.  For the bougainvillea, take out the core and only use the petals. For the  Santan flower, take out  the filament at the center of the flower.

2.  Wash them in a colander for sanitary purposes.

3.  Mix a cup of flour and water in a bowl. Add a pinch of salt if preferred, without it is totally fine.

4.  Dip the flowers into the batter.

5.  Deep fry the flowers.

6.  Serve with tomato sauce or any of your favorite dipping.



Although cooking oil is use here, I still think that this snack is healthier compared to any processed snacks in the groceries.  Flowers are full of fibers and other nutrients that are not found in processed snacks.


Do you know of any exotic snacks the world has not heard of?  Do share with us.



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Jelly with a twist

Gratify your sweet tooth with this easy to make Jelly with a twist.

A fellow expat introduced this to me.  I loved it immediately.  It is not the usual jelly that we buy from the grocery.  It looks like maja-blangka, but it tastes like ice cream at the same time. I have attempted to bake, cook, or make sweets before.  I failed most of the time.  But this one, I nailed it! That’s according to my husband and he is super blatant about what he thinks of things.  So I was so happy.  I want to share this with you. I used Mr. Gulaman, which my sistah has sent via EMS.

Jelly with a twist


1 sachet of Mr.Gulaman (any flavor will do)

6 cups of coconut milk

2 cans of condensed milk



1. Put 6 cups of coconut milk in a pot.  Bring it to a boil in a low fire. Stirring constantly.

2.  Add in the condensed milk.  Heat the solution for another minute.

3.  Gradually pour in Mr. Gulaman. Continue to heat it until the solution has already thickened.

Nota Bene:

Make sure that you are using low fire all through out.  Constant stirring is essential to make sure that Mr. Gulaman is totally dissolved, and to make sure that the solution at the bottom part of the pot will not get burned.  Do not use the ready-packed coco milk from the grocery as they have preservatives although their ads say otherwise.  Go green! Help coconut farmers.  Buy grated, freshly squeezed coconut milk.

Here it is…. 


Treat your loved ones with this. And let me know what you think about the recipe.

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