Summer On Stage

This is Summer’s first experience to be on stage.  Summer, together with her classmates in Sunshine International School performed a Chinese dance.  It’s funny, cute, and “beautifully chaotic”.  When kids perform even if the performance per se is no where near perfect, they still look cute and the mistakes pardonable. This is my perception.  What about you.

I am proud of Summer.  I think, she did well for a starter.  There was no stage fright, no tantrums.  The attitude was just great.  I hope and I pray that she keeps this pleasant and positive attitude as she grows up.

A week prior to the show, she was already beside herself with excitement.  The more so when the whole school had to go to the hotel for the final rehearsal.  She could not stop asking about the dress and of course about the MAKE UP.  She was definitely looking forward to this dance.  Super excited, especially that she’s wearing a Chinese dress and MAKE UP!! I did her make up.  It’s pretty fine, right?? Right???!!! LOL just kidding.  Well anyway, what matters is she loved it. As for the dress, omg, we had to comb every inch of Songkhla just to find this Chinese dress but the good thing was it was not expensive.

The event was a success. The kids performed rather well. They surpassed the expectations we teachers had set.

To all the pupils of Sunshine International School, congratulations for a job well done.

To our dear Summer, more power.  May you grow up with more confidence in yourself. We love you.


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Here are the links to Summer’s Honours Day Performance. My husband had to pause the recording, our Derick whose picture appears above needed some attention.

Watch. .. be entertained…. enjoy!

This is the first part.



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