Ways on How to Administer Medicine to a Child: Mom’s Style

These following tips are based on personal experience as a mom.  Without a doubt,  parents have different practices at home when it comes to their child.  The tips here might not be to your liking, but these however could give you some ideas.
Looking at a sick, in pain child is just the most heartbreaking sight in the world. If it’s only possible to take and have that pain instead. Without question I would.

Do you feel the same way?

So when my child is sick I will turn the world upside down just to take those medicine inside his/her throat. ^_^ Here are the things I did to administer medicine especially when my kids were young. These are in no particular order.

1. Secretly mix it in milk.  This is effective if the med is not bitter.
2. Use a dropper and squirt the med inside the mouth secretly, fast,  and abruptly.
3. Antibiotics are usually bitter so I mix this in just the right amount of chocolate drink so they finish the whole thing.
4. If it is a tablet,  I place it in soft fruit like banana,  ripe papaya so they could just easily swallow it without chewing.
5. Or crush the tablet and mix in a little sugar.
6. One time,  telling them that they could drink softdrinks after taking their medicine was effective.
7. After my son got hospitalized he told me he does not want to go back,  so I used that to make him take his medicine.

There you go folks.
If you have got your own practices at home,  please do share.  It might be helpful to other parents or parents to be.

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