Flashback: Groovy University Years

For some their high school years were the happiest, but not for me. My university years were the most memorable, happiest, and colorful years of my life. The sense of freedom which seems to be inherent with it paved way to all sorts of activities which were not possible in high school.

The coolest one was when my friends and I were asked to form a band for a university event which then led to gigs in pubs and restaurants later on. It was the biggest project we had to take on during our younger years. We were nervous but totally excited.

We were pretty organized. The first thing we did was made sure we had the kind of members we wanted in the band. Musicians who know their instrument and are willing to devote time, effort, and money. Since we were just starting up, funds were scarce. So some instruments were either rented or borrowed. We had to chip in though for the amplifier. It was important for us to have an excellent amp with very good groove tubes inside to make sure the sound of our guitars are enhanced well. Next, we chose the songs we all liked and familiar with. Being familiar with the first set of songs saves time during rehearsals and because you like the songs the probability of a great performance is high, first impression lasts, right? And so, we had a lot of time to prepare for the next set of songs.

Basically, from experience, there are three important things needed to form a band. These are:
> enthusiastic, devoted musicians
> great instruments and equipment
> time, time, time for rehearsals

This is one of the reasons why my university years were the happiest.
What about you?


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