Since moving to our new home, I have not had the time to unpack and sort out the wanted from the unwanted things. Last night as I was doing this long overdue task I came across this bag of bills and receipts I have collected for almost 5 years. Oh gosh the dust was also 5 years thick. I placed the bag outside, ready to be thrown away.

My husband being a sentimental, was apprehensive about throwing them outright without checking. He was thinking there might be some books or whatever things that we could still use or has a sentimental value. So this morning, I went through all the receipts and envelops. To my surprise, guess what I found?




And ……..

And another……

Oh my gosh …what a blessing…what a surprise!

4, 000Thb  ( US $121.15)


I’m glad I listened to my husband ^_^


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