High School Life

What is the best part of your student life?

This is one common topic of conversation among friends and acquaintances.  This is also asked in some job interviews, of which the answer, most often than not, is high school.  This is quite baffling to me.  As I see the freedom in tertiary level more alluring.  So I made a survey.  What makes high school life more exciting?


Here are some answers in no particular order.


  • Senior Prom Night.  This is the most important dance of high school year.  Teens are excited to join this event for various reasons.  One, it is a dream come true for teens  stuck in their fantasy world of princes and princesses.  Second, this is one good chance to be able to get a date and dance for hours.  Third, just simply the excitement and thrill of dressing up and flaunting beautiful, fancy gowns from DressFirst to their friends.  So girls spend hours and hours dressing up, doing their hair and make up.  Well, who wouldn’t get really hyped up if you are to wear one of these dresses?


prom1  prom 2  prom 3  prom 4



Parents nowadays, although they still adhere to this tradition, are more practical and vigilant of their finances and opt for cheap prom dresses, which are equally beautiful and comfortable.


prom 5  prom 6  prom 7  prom 8


  • Intramurals
  • Field trips, games, shows


For the rest of their answers, I feel complied to give a short psychological background of teenage  years.

High school is the onset of adolescence and a tug-of-war between identity and confusion.  Teens undergo numerous and enormous changes, results of which determine their future’s success and failure.  Success would mean completion of the developmental task of this stage.  As a result, teens move on to the next level of the developmental stage with a very strong sense of identity.  Otherwise, failure to do so, would lead to self-doubt, inadequacy, and resentment.  Long before a ray of light is seen at the end of the tunnel, parents and teens alike undergo tumultuous years of struggles for independence and power.  But no matter how chaotic this stage may seem, the struggles are normal and part and parcel of the whole development.  There are things that parents can do to ease up things.  But that is another story.

Below are answers from the survey, which may seem wayward, of which the mentioned background above is for. Again, these are arranged in no particular order.

  • Slumber parties and weekend getaways with or without parent’s consent
  • Crushes and dates
  • Cutting classes
  • First try for cigarette and liquor
  • Cheating
  • Gangs and fraternities


High school years are the time of breaking free, of trying new things, of struggling for identity and individuality.  It is the time of “almost there, but not yet there”.


What about you? What makes high school  life more exciting?



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