Go Green for our kid’s sake!

WILL THERE COME A TIME WHEN WE DON’T HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT THE ENVIRONMENT? Where everything is in a stable and healthy condition…..

I’ve read from an article many years back that environment researches are well-funded by rich businessmen who owns big industrial companies.  At first I thought, wow, it’s really very noble of these people.  But on second thought, it’s quite ironic.  And then later, I asked myself, why in the world would they fund a research that could someday recommend for the closure of their not-so-friendly-industry.  To my surprise, the reason is not noble at all.  These people live by the saying, “…know the law in order to find a way around it.  If the research output will not put their businesses in jeopardy, well and good.  If it does, then they will know how to twist and bend the information such that it will work for them. After reading that article (maybe in Reader’s Digest, I just could not be certain), I felt desperation creep through me.

Sometimes in my most somber, contemplative mood, I find myself groping for ideas on how to effectively solve environmental problems (superwoman effect).  At other times I find myself stuck at the abyss of hopelessness. Deep in my heart I fear for my kids.  Will they get to enjoy a fresh morning walk?  Will they get the chance to see morning fog (the real one and not industrial smog)?  Will they be able to sit on a tree branch singing, playing, or to just simply chill out?

I don’t know if it’s just me or other parents feel the same way as I am about this.  Summer is asthmatic.  It irritates me so much to see smoke belchers.  Whenever we go to the beach, I am dispirited by the sight of rubbish floating in the water.  It makes me think how can a highly intellectual homo sapiens be this stupid. Oh well, there is a big difference between intelligence and wisdom after all.  Don’t you think so?

What do you think of environmental issues? Do you feel it is too big for you to deal with, and you’d rather leave to the “authorities”?