Philippine Cybercrime Law

Have you heard of the Republic Act 10175 or better known as Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 ? This is trending now.  It is known all around the globe.

It was originally intended to prevent cybersex, online child pornography, identity theft and spamming. Well this is good! But what is suspicious and repugnant about this is the inclusion of libel as a cybercrime.  To make things even worst, Government officials are given new power to pry and seize data from people’s online account.  Any “libelous” comments online including facebook, twitter, and blogs are punishable by up to 12 years in jail. The inclusion of libel as a cybercrime and the prying thing I think should be modified.  They are not directly relevant to the original purpose of this law. That is if they do not have any hidden agenda.  We should practice responsible journalism.  But the 12 years jail punishment, the searching and seizing of online account are definitely too much.

I just have one question;

What are they doing to prepare the country for the 2015 AEC?