How to Throw a Kawaii / Lolita Themed Slumber Party

Kawaii might just be the best-known trend you’ve never heard of. Kawaii is, literally, being cute, loveable and adorable – from the Japanese “ka” meaning acceptable and “ai” meaning love. The trend is in essence the movement from young Japanese women from the qualities of refined and beautiful to cute and neat. As a cultural phenomenon, Kawaii is not isolated to Japanese society, and is spreading the globe through pop music and culture icons like Gwen Stefani and Avril Lavigne. If your daughter, friend, or you yourself are interested in throwing your very own Kawaii/Lolita themed slumber party, look no further:


As fashion is the key element of both the Kawaii/Lolita movement, and the pajamas sleepover party movement itself – express your inner Kawaii through your totally adorable anime style pajamas. Think pink, cute, cuddly: and bonus points for onesies! Spencer’s have a great selection of girls pajamas & sleepwear, perfect for a Kawaii slumber party. In keeping with the Kawaii/Lolita style, the perfect anime style pajamas will have elements of ribbons, ruffles, bows and lace. Animals like pandas, cats and mice are also very popular. The Lolita style is about being cute, innocent and beautiful – therefore the perfect excuse to pull out your pinkest and frilliest pj’s for this slumber party!


Your typical run-of-the-mill popcorn and candy might work fine at a slumber party, but for a truly authentic Kawaii party you can’t go past a tea party. Imagine a high tea: the pastries, sweets, savouries and teas, and couple that with the Kawaii aesthetic of over-the-top cuteness and you have your very own Lolita tea party. Your local supermarket will have a great range of sweet and herbal teas, and finger sandwiches and cakes are even the healthier option at slumber parties, especially over candy!

Check out some of these adorable Kawaii party food recipes on Pinterest, and get some inspiration from this cute


kawaii party


In keeping with the originating Japanese culture of the Kawaii movement, set up a dinner station with the girls at your slumber party to make sushi. For those who don’t like the idea of seaweed just yet, lettuce works as an alternative option. The ingredients for sushi are nothing out of the ordinary from your weekly grocery shop, with the exception of sushi mats, available from your local homeware store.

After everyone has eaten, how about trying to learn your name in Japanese kanji? For those with spare time in the preparation stage, writing a cute little note for each girl with their name in Japanese is a great Kawaii memento, and a fun activity for later in the night.

Other activities could include watching anime DVDs, doing makeovers and using Japanese nail art on your nails, and flicking through Japanese fashion magazines. If your girls have lots of Lolita fashion, they could come in their favourite outfits or pajamas sleepwear and have a photoshoot in the garden!

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With the increasingly popularity of anime style, don’t be surprised if your daughter asks you for a Kawaii pajamas sleepwear sleepover sometime in the near future. For when she does, keep this bookmarked. Tanoshimu! (Enjoy!)



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