parts of a resto

Parts of a Restaurant

A. Listening

A.1 Listen to the audio (track 2: parts of a restaurant), and enumerate the parts of a restaurant mentioned.


A.2 Listen again (track 3: parts of a restaurant), and answer the questions below.

1. It is where food is prepared and cooked. ________________________________

2. It is where guests are greeted._________________________________________

3. It is where offices and storage rooms are found. __________________________

4. It is where guests are seated and served food. ____________________________

5. It is where guests order drinks. ________________________________________

6. It is where food and drinks are picked-up to serve to customers. ____________

7. It should be accessible to customers and clean all the time. _________________

B. Reading aloud and Pronunciation

C. Vocabulary

Tracks 1-3 for the listening activities