How To Parent Like Angelina

As a woman who successfully parents 6 children, has an incredible career, and supports multiple charities and causes, it is not surprising that Angelina Jolie is an inspiration to so many people. One of the most admirable things about Angelina is the way she chooses to parent. As any mother or father will know, being a parent is far from easy. If someone as hard-working as Angelina can juggle parenthood and a career, alongside her numerous other interests, it is certainly worth looking at the way in which she achieves this, and how other parents can benefit from her example.

Accept your children’s personalities

Shiloh Jolie-Pitt has cause quite a stir in some circles, with her penchant for masculine-type clothing and, some sources say, wanting to be referred to as John, and not her given name. To Angelina, this is no big deal, and why should it be? Children need to be able to express themselves in a safe environment, and being accepted for who they are will give them the confidence needed to be a mentally healthy adult. Being open and honest and keen to listen will ensure your child feels comfortable to share their feelings. This support should be applied whether they want to wear clothes that may not be the social norm, or if they are having a difficult time coming to terms with their sexuality.

Take them traveling

Of course, Angelina has funds that allow her to take her children all over the world, but even if you have a limited budget, traveling and experiencing diverse cultures should be considered very important for a child’s development. Allowing children to understand that the world consists of various cultures, and introducing them to assorted experiences is discussed on the blog Mommynearest. Among the benefits attributed to traveling with your children is that you are teaching them flexibility, and educating them in a fun way.

Embrace adventure

Alongside taking her children traveling with her, Angelina encourages her children to embrace adventures. Although Angelina does this by taking them to exciting locations all over the world, you can achieve this closer to home. Outdoor adventure play is one way in which your child can experience the thrill of climbing, team-work and imaginative play. There’s no need to think you need to take your kids trekking in Cambodia in order for them to experience real-life adventures, when sites like Indreviews.Com have compilations of the best outdoor activity centres for children you can place in your own back yard.

Lead by example

It is well-known that Angelina doted on her mother and it is often reported that she is saddened by the fact that her children didn’t know her. Jolie attributes her wish to lead by example to her mother, as this is exactly how her mother was with her. You can apply this to your own parenting by being charitable, forgiving, and understanding, in the things you say and the things you do.

A beautiful person inside and out, Angelina Jolie is a superb example of modern-day parenting at its best.


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