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5 Reasons Why Your Baby Avoids Eating Solid Food

Every mother wants her baby to follow a healthy food diet. The initial days are manageable with milk and other liquid foods. However, as the baby grows, the mother need to prepare him/her for eating solid foods and developing a stronger digestive system. Also, it is important to start consuming solids so that the infant can be given more nutrients, which breastmilk or liquid foods usually do not possess. Some toddlers may quickly begin following a solid food diet, while others require efforts to develop this habit. If your baby is avoiding consuming solid food, then this could be due to one of the following reasons.

He or She is already full

Due to a small stomach, a baby needs food in every 1.5-2 hours. Thus, mothers keep feeding the baby with breastmilk or bottle feed to keep the nutritional intake stable. It becomes habitual for moms, so it becomes hard for the baby to consume solid food as he/she has already consumed plenty of liquid food. Many parents follow the method where they bottle or breastfeed the baby first and then offer them solid food. However, the baby is unable to eat at that time due to a full stomach.

The toddler is tired

You may not realize this, but when you bring your toddler to the table for food, he/she may not be filling utterly active at that time. It might be time for his/her nap, and feeding the baby with food at that moment may result in his/her disinterest in the food. Thus, ensure that you feed solid foods to the baby when he/she is active and does not need to sleep.

Preference of food texture

Infants may not necessarily like the solid food you are feeding them. Try to experiment with different kinds of foods and make a note of the ones that he/she enjoys eating without any problems of texture or taste. You may often need to use various methods to feed them, for instance, by mixing two foods to suit their liking.

Maybe the baby is being distracted

Babies often avoid eating food when their focus is upon some other object present in the surrounding. It may become a troubling situation for you as the baby grows. Thus, make sure that the baby is just focused on the food he/she is about to it without any possible distractions in the area.

Feeling discomfort

You need to check the way your baby is sitting, dressing, etc., as an uncomfortable baby is going to feel fussy about performing any activity, even eating food. Hence, make sure that the baby is wearing loose clothes, sitting correctly, is not feeling sick, and does not require anything other than food. If you still do not understand the problem, try consulting a pediatrician. You can learn about How Much Does A Pediatrician Earn Per Hour by visiting this page.
Babies are innocent and do not understand the environment around them at such a young age. Thus, it is necessary that you guide them with love and affection to eat solid food and follow a healthy diet.

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Five Universal Baby Language

5 Universal Baby Language

While babies bring tremendous joy to mom and dad, having them especially to first time parents could mean sleepless nights too. For most parents, babies’ cry is just simply a cry.  To us, this cry could mean just about anything and it is up to us to guess what they are crying about.

My husband and I were no different from the rest of parents out there. We were exhausted, and just did not know what our then new born daughter needed.  And since we did not know anything about baby language, we were just guessing what could be wrong with her. Sometimes we got it right, but oftentimes the crying went  on, and on and on. Thus the long hours of incessant crying.

However just before I had my second child, I came across a video about baby language.  Here, it was explained that a baby’s cry is actually a form of language to communicate with their parents. I studied these sounds, applied it to my then new born son, and it definitely worked.

Being able to understand their cry is amazing! I thought it would have been a treat if I had known of this when my daughter came. I could have spared her, my husband, and myself from sleepless nights.

So for first time parents, and moms and dads to be, study these five baby language.

  1. “Neh” means hungry
  2. “Owh” means sleepy
  3. “Heh” means discomfort. This could translate to, I just peed. I pooped. I don’t like my position. I’m hot. I’m cold.
  4. “Eair” means lower gas.
  5. “Eh” means burp

Thanks to Priscilla Dunstan

Priscilla Dunstan is the lady behind baby language.  And she is the woman, parents across the world have to thank for. These five baby sounds are universal. This language holds true to all babies the world over regardless of race and nationality. It is important to familiarize these sounds for you to decipher them. So take a look at this video and learn the sounds.


Listen to these 5 Baby Language


Please share your experiences in the comment section below.

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What Happens When Mood Swinger Mom Meets Drama Queen Daughter?


The struggle is real, believe me.  The result depends on what side of the mood spectrum is Mom at that moment.

From experience a drama queen is always a drama queen at all times, may she be dealing with simple or complicated things.

The gravity of the impact lies on the mood of the moment.  When Mom is in the mood, circumstances are dealt with calmly, patiently, and even humorously. However when Mom is in a dark mood, a petty circumstance could mushroom into an atomic bomb within seconds.

As a Mom, this is a great parenting concern.  I’ve realized and seen the negative effects of my blurting out and “mismanagement” during those times when I’m in a lighter mood. But like what I’ve mentioned, it is  a tremendous task. It is a struggle that up until now is unresolved.

Moms out there who might be in the same boat as I am or if you happen to know of someone who was able to successfully overcome this, please do share your thoughts below.  It’d be deeply appreciated.

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Relationship Changes When You’re Becoming a Parent

There is no doubt that parenthood changes relationships; many couples reject the idea of having a baby because they are afraid their relationship will be affected. Less time spent together, having to take care of someone who is completely dependent on you, and the need to cover for extra expenses make any mom or dad-to-be feel worried.

But let me tell you something: your relationship will change anyway.

Everything transforms as time goes by, and so do relationships, no matter if you have children or not. And there’s a different way to look at the problem – yes, becoming a parent will change the relation you have with your partner, but it does not necessarily need to be a bad change, if you know how to cope with it.

Are you ready for the challenge of becoming a parent? Here’s what to expect and how to get over the most common pitfalls:

Unresolved issues in your relationship reappear

A new baby puts an extra strain on your relationship, and issues you have been sweeping under the rug suddenly reappear, exactly when you don’t need conflicts and have less time and energy to manage them. It’s important to discuss and deal with these problems before the baby arrives – pregnancy is the moment to balance and strengthen your relationships and get prepared for difficult times.

The quality of communication changes

Many couples experience decreased marital satisfaction during the transition to parenthood because the quantity and quality of their communication both decrease. It becomes more difficult to talk spontaneously as topics like childcare become more important and prevail over others.

The only cure is to make an effort and find the time needed to reconnect every day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Think of an activity you could give up so you communicate with your partner – instead of spending time on social networks or obsessing over minor housekeeping stuff, choose to spend some valuable time with your partner.

The baby becomes the center of your world

A common mistake that many new parents make is investing all their energy in the new baby. The most important topics become doctor appointments, getting the baby’s room ready, and even looking for preschools. After the baby’s arrival, new issues arise and they continue to become more important than your relationship.

There are some things that new parents need to understand though: your baby doesn’t need you 24/7, you cannot make things perfect, and, above all, having a healthy relationship with your child depends on the relationship you already have with your spouse. Your marriage or relationship should stay at the base of your new family, so remember to invest time in it as well!

You have higher expectations from your partner

As a new parent, you become more demanding with yourself because you want to offer the best to your child, and you start having higher standards for your partner as well. Many fathers feel that whatever they do to help with kids or housekeeping, it’s never enough. Give up the consuming determination to get everything right and understand that good is better than perfect, which doesn’t even exist, after all.

Giving your baby everything he or she requires to be happy and healthy is simpler than you think; and what the new member of the family needs, above all, is two parents who love each other and have a strong relationship.

By the Couple Clinic, a company of Winnipeg couples counsellors (www.winnipegcouplesclinic.ca).

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Surprising Facts About Pediatrics You Probably Didn’t Know
Surprising Facts About Pediatrics You Probably Didn’t Know


Surprising Facts About Pediatrics You Probably Didn’t Know



Strictly speaking, a pediatrician is a doctor who specialises in the care of infants and young children. This means that if ever your child seems to encounter a particularly nasty illness or complaint, then the doctor you take them to will most likely be a pediatrician. Likewise, it will most likely be a pediatrician who advises you on the sorts of medicine, treatment and parenting techniques you should use to raise a healthy, well-adjusted child. However, despite being so central to the general well-being of children, there nevertheless exists many myths, rumours and half-truths about pediatrics and what the practice entails.

Perhaps this is unsurprising to some – we do live in an age where access to the internet means unfettered access to all kinds of information and misinformation about anything and everything.

While you’re free to take what we tell you with a pinch of salt, and such an attitude towards what you read online is to be commended, here are a few surprising facts about pediatrics you probably didn’t even realize until now.

Pediatrics Has a Cut off Age

After over a decade and a half of visiting the same pediatrician whenever your child has a complaint, it may come as something of a shock when, one day, the doctor suddenly refers you to someone completely new. This is because pediatric doctors have a point where they can no longer see a patient anymore. While this may be expected from the fact that the doctor specializes in treating children, the point at which a patient is no longer considered a child is not always so obvious.

In general, a pediatric clinic will stop seeing a patient at around 16 years of age, after which they’re considered suitable to seek out their own medical advice independently. Instead, they will refer the patient to another doctor.

Pediatrics Tend to be Proactive

While a pediatrician will, of course, treat a child once they’ve fallen ill or become injured, they try to maintain a more proactive and preventive approach. This will mean things such as keeping up to date with vaccinations, making sure the child has a balanced diet and providing advice about how to prevent accidents and injuries.

If the pediatrician does give you advice about the health and safety of your child, we recommend that you take it into serious consideration. While you shouldn’t necessarily mindless follow everything they say, they are speaking as experienced professionals with an interest in your child’s health and happiness. If they recommend a course of action, it’s a good idea to take it.

You Can Select a Pediatrician

If you’re expecting a child or you’re planning to adopt, you can choose which pediatrician you will go to before the child’s arrival. If anything, being choosy about your child’s doctor is a good practice, as you can be more assured that the doctor is one you want treating your child.

Before deciding on a pediatric clinic, take your time to examine all your available options. Most clinics will usually allow you a free consultation meeting with the doctor in question, so take this opportunity to ask questions and gauge how they may perform as a family doctor.

Pediatrics is not For Minor Cases

If your child suffers a grazed knee or a cold, then you don’t take them to the pediatric clinic, even if the child is very young. That’s more the purview of a GP. They’re more suitable for the general day-to-day illness and accidents that a child may encounter, and you’ll only ever encounter a pediatric if the problem is chronic or particularly serious. As such, if your child is running a fever or a particularly nasty cough, call your GP first. If the injury or illness is more severe, that would be when you’d want to head to a pediatric urgent care center like Night Lite.


Christian Mills is a freelance writer and family man who contributes articles and insights into issues affecting families and life in the home.




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