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My husband’s photo of Nancy, an Orangutan “The Nancy Pose” won an honorary prize in Songkla Zoo Photo Contest. He received a certificate and free membership card.  With the card, all four of us can go to any zoo in Thailand free of admission for a year.  You might be wondering how much was the cash prize.  The truth is, there’s none.  But as what my husband said “Mai pen rai” (never mind).  For him, as an amateur photographer and an expat at that, to be chosen is already a great honor.

We are hoping that this will be an annual activity of Songkla Zoo.

We are looking forward for SONGKLA ZOO PHOTO CONTEST 2013!!


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“The Nancy Pose”:  Songkla

Zoo Photo Contest


QUESTION: Is there something you’re so thankful about, that you’d do it again for free?

Songkla Zoo Photo Contest

The Songkla Zoo Photo Contest is going to finish on October 3, 2012. The announcement of the winner of up to 70,000.00 baht worth of cash and goods will be posted on their bulletin boards in the zoo and on their website  What is so amazing about this is that, it is open even to expatriates like us.  This competition is very timely as my husband is into photography, a hobby he started two years ago, and the kids would love to see the animals.  The contest has 3 categories – Animals Portrait, Happy Zoo, and Waterworld.  He has 10 entries all in all for the first two categories. But sadly he does not have an entry for the Waterworld because shooting it during broad daylight needs an ND filter which he does not have. Which is also not available here and is also kinda expensive. (my husband is a budget photographer. Check out his review of his budget lenses click here)

The decision to join the contest was unanimous.  We saw this as an opportunity to pai tiaw (go around) and spend time together and to practice photography.  We love going to the zoo.  We particularly enjoy feeding the the birds, elephants, and giraffes because you can really get up close with them.  This is also a very good activity to instill in our kids the love and respect for animals and the environment.

There is one particular shot that I find very charming.  I gave the title to this picture myself.  Below is the picture of Nancy, a female Orangutan.  Check out Nancy’s photo, “The Nancy Pose”.

What do you think? Which do you like best?  Let me know…




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