Online Request for Birth Certificate at Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)

I recently requested for a PSA birth certificate for my children online. Yes online. And yes, the office had to mail it to us (overseas) via post.

I was super stressed out by this, well I’m a bit of a worrier myself. However, I’ve had some stressful experiences dealing with government agencies in the Philippines. And this being online, is a whole lot different, and the challenges that I might face could be worse, I thought. I had so many “what ifs”, and I loathe unnecessary inconveniences. I mean, it’s online. It should be more convenient, fast, and easy.

But I had no choice, I needed the documents. Online request for birth certificate is inevitable, so I went online and made the request. Surprisingly and with great relief, everything went well and the papers got delivered earlier than posted.

How to request a birth certificate at Philippine Statistic Authority (PSA) online.

  • Fill the online form. First, you have to accept PSA terms and conditions, once you’ve hit the ACCEPT button, it will take you to “contacts and delivery information”. Here you will be asked to enter the following information online:
  1. Your name
  2. Your delivery address (with zip code)
  3. Your telephone number
  4. Your valid email address
  5. Required information for birth certificate requests *Number of copies you are requesting* Name (maiden name if married female) * Sex * Place of birth * Date of birth * Father’s name * Mother’s maiden name * Date of registration, if the birth certificate was late registered * Purpose of your request * Your relationship to the birth certificate owner   Birth certificate requests must be duly authorized as per The Child and Youth Welfare Code (P.D. 603)
  • Pay online. There are several ways to pay online, sadly though Paypal is not one of them. So I opted to use credit card since I no longer have any bank accounts in the Philippines . For overseas delivery, 20.30 USD was charged per copy of the birth certificate.
  • Wait for Delivery. Delivery takes 6 to 8 weeks after payment. I received the mail after 4 weeks though. Great! Kudos to PSA!
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Being an expat, it means dealing with so many documents, especially so if you’ve got children. And to know more how differently we do things as expats you could check out maternity preparation and registering Thailand born child.

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