Old School Socks Rag Rug: Mom on a Budget

Recycling and re-using are great ways to save money as well as contribute to a greener environment.

As a mom on a budget,  I’d recycle and re-used anything I could – old calendars,  magazines as gift wraps.  And I’ve always felt that old, loose school socks can still be made into something useful.  Whatever it is,  it couldn’t be given as pre-loved items or as thrift items.  It’s just not right.  Yet,  I still feel that it’s a waste if I just throw them away,  after all it’s cottony,  and some have these adorable prints on them.

I thought,  well,  why not make them into a rug.  So I did it,  the first try was a bit untidy.  As you can see the heels are tucked in but are not sewn in. The rug looks messy as the heels come out easily.  And notice, it’s hand-sewn because as it turned out the cordless, portable handy-stitch sewing machine I bought is a lemon.

Here it is.

diy rug
After realizing a few things from my first attempt, I made another one.  This time,  the rug looks neat than the previous one.

Here it is. 

So what I did here is,
1. Tuck the heel portion of the sock in and sew the socks together as shown in the photo (this is half of the rug,  make two). The number of socks will depend on how long you want your rug to be.
school socks rag rug
2. Sew the two halves together as shown here.

old school socks

This DIY old school socks rag rug is a pretty rough idea.  There are certainly a lot of room for improvement and creativity. If you happen to make a similar one please drop me a line about your creation.

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