Negotiation Step 1: Pitching an Idea

The dialogue is between Mike and Jamie who are former colleagues. They happen to see each other in a trade show. They had an informal business conversation but actually initiated the first step in negotiation. By the end of the conversation, you are expected to answer the following questions.

Guide Questions

  1. In the beginning, what does Mike say his company is looking for?
  2. Which idea is Mike tentative or hesitant about?
  3. What is Mike going to do next?
  4. Identify at least five expressions from the dialogue, and used them in a sentence.
  5. What is the first step in negotiating?


Jamie: But it’s still a tough place to do business. I mean building a good network takes time.

Mike: Yeah. Good network like you guys have, right? Well, you know I thought you might be here this week and there’s something I’d like to run by you.

Jamie: Sure. I’m all ears.

Mike: Ok. So we both agree that Southeast Asia is a tough nut to crack …especially starting from scratch. And Sigma also understands the benefit of working with a local partner particularly in markets like Asia. So we’re looking for someone who’s establish in the region.. you know, find a good distributor to work with. Maybe NVP can be that for us.

Jamie: A distributor huh…All our guys are always keen to push more products through the network. We basically got the whole of Asia covered at this point. But…..

Mike: aha… but what?

Jamie: Well…. just thinking about how it might all work. They might want more than just a simple distribution deal…something more involved. If you know what I mean.

Mike: Ah yeah…. like a partnership? Well we’ve had discussions about this kind of thing back in Michigan before.

Jamie: And?

Mike: Yeah. Something like that might be possible, though I’m not sure about… all of Asia.

Jamie: So maybe start with Southeast Asia or something.

Mike: Yeah… could be.

Jamie: Well, they might push for something more extensive but either way they most likely be looking for some kind of an investment on your side.

Mike: Ok. So we put in some investment and you guys give us access to the market in your local network.

Jamie: Yeah I think something like that can make sense with the right company.

Mike: Well, I’ve got to say NVP is hard to beat on this part of the world and growth around here is just nuts.

Jamie: Yeah, definitely. You’re right about that.

Mike: Listen, how about this. I’ll take it back to Michigan and lay out the general idea. And if you could send me some sales figure and corporate history in the meantime I’ll touch base once I’m back in the states.

Jamie: Sure thing. I’ll start pulling some stuff together tomorrow and send them over before the end of the week and just let me know if there’s anything specific you think might help