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We’ve recently acquired a new blender from a trusted brand.  I am particularly excited, and immediately tried it.  Verdict? Great.  I am so happy.

My family loves smoothies or just a simple fruitshake.  But I stopped doing it for a while because my old blender (check it out) was not working well after just a few times of use.  I was so disappointed.  But then I thought it shouldn’t be a surprise since I got it on a discount.  Now I am not saying discounted items are not good.  I’ve got quite a few discounted things which are working perfectly.  However we could not deny the fact that there are reasons why they are on sale. One of these could be because they’re rubbish.  I felt like I just wasted that few bucks I paid for it.  I definitely did not get a good value for my money.

The problem with my old blender was leakage.  It couldn’t hold the fluid inside and leaks out from the bottom.  It was probably due to the rubber at the bottom (which I think most blenders have)  not working well. It could be due to a flawed design, or something else. Anyway, my new toy (blender) has a one-piece body (see the photo below), so there’s no way fluid will leak out.  It is BPA and phthalates free and the padding in the box is carton, not Styrofoam.  It has suction cups so it stays in place.  Although it does not have blending modes to choose from I don’t really mind, for the price of $28, I think I definitely got my money’s worth. It’s not as if I’m going to use it for a fruitshake business.  It’s pulse and single-blend modes work just fine.

I’m loving it!

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