Kids and Mathematics

Most people find Mathematics a difficult subject and irrelevant to everyday life.

I remember a friend of mine saying “What in the world do I need X and Y for? Why do I have to burn the midnight oil studying sine, cosine, and tangent? Am I going to use XY to buy something in the market, or tell the driver I am going to angle of depression ABC?

I also had a love hate relationship with Mathematics, those love moments were when my teachers made it look and feel easy for me  which  is what I want my kids to feel about Mathematics.  I am a Biology teacher, helping my daughter with Mathematics is difficult for me. I run out of strategies or the strategies I know do not work well with Mathematics.

In this post, I would like to  ask for help from you.  Please share your ideas, strategies, Math websites, and other methods.  I will organise all the ideas from here into another post so that other parents may benefit as well.

By the way, my daughter is a kinesthetic learner I would appreciate if you could include strategies for this kind of learner.

Let’s help our kids from this…




To this….


happy math


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