My Travel List

Thailand is one of the most tourist- friendly countries in Asia. And I don’t only mean the people. The country in itself is very tourist-friendly. Thailand can be traveled with almost all modes of transportation. This country can be traveled by plane, bus or by train. You can choose which mode suits your time and budget constraint. For expat families like us we prefer to go via private transport. Road tripping is the best way to go for us! It is not always the cheapest way to go but most of us here think of the convenience it brings. Well, some might not find sitting in a car for 12 hours convenient. LOL! But, for the expats here, especially our family, prefer the privacy of our own vehicle, the comfort of being the boss and in control of ones time.

Here is a list of places my family and I are planning to travel to. They are not arranged in any particular order. Of the 10 places listed below, two of which we have already gone to.  And we are still planning of going back because it seems as if you just can get enough of these places!

1.  Koh Samui

2.  Koh Lanta

3.  Krabi               √

4.  Koh Chang

5.  Khao Sok

6.  Koh Phi Phi

7.  Koh Lipeh      √

8.  Koh Samet

9.  Koh Pangan

10.  Koh Tao


What places do you have in mind?

Leave your comments and creative responses below ^_^



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