Pitiusas Beach Resort in Koh Lipeh

One of the resorts in Koh Lipeh that has its own private access to Northern beaches is Pitiusas Beach Resort.  It is located on a tree-studded mountain with its accommodations built in a cascading manner down the slope, so unlike most of resorts and villas in Koh Lanta Krabi.  It is at the Northern side of Koh lipeh a bit far from Pattaya beach where speedboats dock from Pak Barra.

Going there,  one could take a motorbike with a side car that accommodates around 6 passengers, or you could walk all the way up if you know the way.  A word of caution though,  some parts of the road is super bumpy so hold on tight.  And if this is your second visit from a long time,  be careful the geographical make up has totally changed as hundreds of accommodations have sprouted in the past years.


Pitiusas Beach Resort has fan and air-con bungalows with front sea view verandas.  The rooms are decorated with Buddha and Thai monuments framed photos. Clean, firm double beds and a clothes cabinet occupy most of the room space. At one corner there is a tiny protruding wooden deck where an ash tray and laminated food menu and services list are placed.  Toiletries, and hot shower in a rather big bathroom are also available.

Other Amenities

  • Room and public Wi-Fi
  • Restaurant and bar
  • Mosquito nets
  • Laundry services
  • No free bottled water in the rooms
  • No free coffee and coffee maker
  • No hairdryer

Restaurant and Bar

Pitiusas’  restaurant and bar is one of the resorts best features. It has a large common front side seaview decks fit out with candle-lit tables, hammocks, and floor cushions. One could just lazily lounge there while sunbathing and seeping some fresh cold drinks.

They serve both Thai and Western dishes. This resort is owned by a Spanish gentlemen who loves diving.  Tao is a very gracious host.  He boasts of his like-no-other French fries, and indeed he has reasons for boasting. My kids love it, in fact we all love it. And meals that require fish are oftentimes fresh as Tao dives everyday to catch some groupers.

kids on the beach at Pitiusas in Koh Lipeh
Pitiusas in Koh Lipeh

The Beach 

Koh Lipeh’s beaches and seawater are among the best in Thailand.  It’s beautiful, clear, sparkling water is refreshing, and definitely a sight to behold.  It is totally inviting!


Aside from the usual sunbathing and swimming in an almost exclusive beach, there are plenty of things visitors are offered – boat trip, snorkeling tour, fishing tour, kayak tour, massage, sunset yoga, and island hopping tours.  If you fancy night out and experience Koh Lipeh’s night life, Pattaya Beach is right at the other side of the island, a walk away or you could hire a motorbike taxi.

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My Travel List

Thailand is one of the most tourist- friendly countries in Asia. And I don’t only mean the people. The country in itself is very tourist-friendly. Thailand can be traveled with almost all modes of transportation. This country can be traveled by plane, bus or by train. You can choose which mode suits your time and budget constraint. For expat families like us we prefer to go via private transport. Road tripping is the best way to go for us! It is not always the cheapest way to go but most of us here think of the convenience it brings. Well, some might not find sitting in a car for 12 hours convenient. LOL! But, for the expats here, especially our family, prefer the privacy of our own vehicle, the comfort of being the boss and in control of ones time.

Here is a list of places my family and I are planning to travel to. They are not arranged in any particular order. Of the 10 places listed below, two of which we have already gone to.  And we are still planning of going back because it seems as if you just can get enough of these places!

1.  Koh Samui

2.  Koh Lanta

3.  Krabi               √

4.  Koh Chang

5.  Khao Sok

6.  Koh Phi Phi

7.  Koh Lipeh      √

8.  Koh Samet

9.  Koh Pangan

10.  Koh Tao


What places do you have in mind?

Leave your comments and creative responses below ^_^



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kaoseng’s Famous Sunrise

Koh Lipeh

One of the best islands I’ve been to in Thailand is Koh Lipeh.  Koh meaning Island, so the island of Lipeh.

My friends and I had a blast. We always have smiles in our faces every time we reminisce those moments.  We went there by super speedboat. It was damn scary. It felt like we were just gliding up and down the big waves.  There were few times when it felt like the boat was falling especially after a big wave.  I had the same feeling when I first went on a Ferris Wheel back in my primary years, which I swore never to ride again. Anyway, the ride was super fast.  It could dry your mouth, and blow your saliva into the air whenever you speak. My gosh… the wind was so strong it could distort your face. LOL!

Thankfully though we got there in one piece!

As you approach the island this beauty will welcome you.  This long stretch of super white, powdery sand is Pattaya Beach.  It is Lipeh’s main beach. The sparkling, crystal clear water is good for snorkeling right from the beach.

There are so many cottages to choose from. There are cottages near the shore, and the expensive ones up on the hill. The locals and resort owners are welcoming, you can even bargain.  The cordial owner allowed us (4 guests) to rent a cottage which is good for two. So we were able to do more activities on the island than what our budget could afford.

Night life in Koh Lipeh is as exciting as Krabi.  There are many restaurants and bars to choose from.  They are not very strict about the number of drinks you order. As long as you order something, they are a OK with that.

Other time-worthy activities that will give you good memories for a lifetime are snorkeling and island hopping.  It’s a whole day activity where a long tail boat will take you to different islands from any point in Koh Lipeh to surrounding islands.  You can snorkel at the middle of the sea, or swim once you reach the islands. Be sure to bring your underwater camera. There were many corals and fish. The water is clean and clear.  It’s totally an experience of a lifetime.

Or if you don’t feel like doing these, you can just stay on the island..lay down by the beach and watch the beautiful sunset.


The best time to go there is August to April.  From May to July, sea waves are gigantic.

I am so glad I was able to do this.  It felt good. I feel good recalling those days. The relax and care-free feeling chillaxing in Koh Lipeh which lingers long after gets you through another semester of hard-work.  I would say Koh Lipeh is one of the best places to unwind away from the hustle and bustle of city life such as that of Phuket, Bangkok, Hatyai, and Nakhorn Sri Tammarat.

Have you been to any place in Thailand? Which one did you enjoy the most?

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