types of resto

Types of Restaurant

A. Listening

A.1 Listen to the audio (track 1: types of restaurant) and write down at least 10 words that you hear.


A.2 Listen again (track 1: types of restaurant), and answer the questions below.

1. What is the name of the restaurant?______________________________________

2. What type of restaurant is it? ___________________________________________

3. What other 2 services they offer? ________________________________________

B. Reading Aloud and Pronunciation

B.1 Listen to the audio again (track 1: types of restaurant). Fill in the missing words. Read the text aloud in class.

Text Box: Welcome to _____________________________, home of the finest ________________ in Las Vegas. It is located inside ______________, and being only 5 minutes away from the famous Las Vegas strip we are the hotspot for both __________ and ____________. We have a grand _____________ area with _____________________ to accommodate anyone’s needs from a ________________ to large _______________. We are open from 10AM to 5 PM daily.

C. Vocabulary: Types of Restaurants

 In ThaiCharacteristics
A. Fine Dining  อาหารชั้นเลิศOffers luxurious dining experience  
Service Style: Full service at the table and some with wine pairing Service time: Moderate-long
Price point: expensive
B. Casual Dining            
C. Fast Food            
  D. Café            
E. Buffet            
F. Cafeteria            
G. Bistro            
H. Ghost Restaurant            
I. Family Restaurant                    
J. Pub            
K. Pizzerias          
L. Bakeries          
M. Food Trucks          
N. Pop-up Restaurants          

Challenge Yourself 1. Read and Answer.

1. What is Fast Casual Dining and how different it is from Fast Food?

2. How similar and different is a Family Restaurant from Casual Dining?

Tracks 1-3 for the listening activities