Moon Gazing at the Night Market

Taken by OPPO F1 selfie as viewed from the telescope

Moon gazing at the night market, that’s right at the night market with real telescopes amidst the hustle and bustle. How amazing is that?

We don’t frequent the night market for one reason and that is, it’s just way to crowded.  However, tonight is an exemption.  NARIT or National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand is here, and their bringing 5 telescopes for everyone. I wondered how it would go considering how busy the place is.  But amazingly things went smoothly – no pushing and shoving, no shouting and rowdy behavior . Everyone queued and waited for their turn. The kids had a great time,  and was blown away by what they saw.

It was indeed educational and precious. An experience they would cherish forever, and be grateful of.
NARIT has been totally generous. We appreciate their effort of going out of their comfort zones and reaching out to as many people as possible; and where else would you find tons of people than the night market, aye?
I think it is just incredibly wonderful to allow precious Science equipment like these to be out in the open where they could be vulnerable to damages for the sake of sharing Science to everyone. I’m in awe.

This unusual outdoor activity is great for kids for the following.

  • Certainly it is educational. Looking at the moon up close was amazing and stirred so much curiosity and interest in children. It gives kids a new perspective of the moon and somehow relate this with what was taught in the classroom.
  • A whole new experience. Schools usually only have microscopes and the likes but never a telescope.  To be able to touch and use it is surely awesome.
  • An unusual outdoor activity indeed. Anything outdoorsy is appealing to children. May it be because of the new place, a different ambiance, or being with other kids is almost always treasured and appreciated.
  • A good time to put “how to act and mingle in public” lessons to the test.

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