Kids Academy Writing App Review




Learning how to write is an easy task for kids if their fine-motor skills are developed early on.  This app which is designed for kids age 5 and below will aid them in developing these necessary skills.  The graphics and presentation are responsive and attractive.  The letters and numbers are presented in a simple, but catchy manner.  There is not so much clutter around which lessens confusion, consequently making instructions easy to follow.  The app starts with number and letter tracing and moves gradually to writing single words requiring more developed fine-motor skills.  Stars awarded depend on the number of attempts made on each task.  The voice over which is clear, gently, and encouraging has a male and female options.




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Kids Academy Reading App Review



The skills that are emphasized and being developed in this app are the very foundations needed for kids to do reading operations.  Kids using this app are assumed to have prior knowledge on letter recognition and sound.  It starts with rhyming words and beginning letter sounds exercises which develop their listening skills and complicated sound recognition.  It will then move on to short vowels sounds, long vowel sounds, and finally being able to write words.  The voice over is clear.  The words are well pronounced and enunciated making it easy for kids to follow and understand.  The letters are large and colorful which can draw the kid’s attention to it rather than the other graphics on the screen.  In this app music and sound are enhanced, and the graphics are very responsive.  Plus, it can be personalized by creating your kid’s own profile.



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