Christmas Gifts on a Budget

Christmas is the season for gift-giving.  Every Christmas party, may it be in the family, school, or offices, is not complete without gift exchanges, which could be pretty expensive especially if you are one of those who have a closely-knitted family, and countless friends and colleagues.  To bridge this predicament, we thought of giving something useful, functional, and creative.  But it should be something inexpensive and unconventional.  So for this Christmas, these are the gifts we prepared.

  • Perfume.  Yes this is expensive.  But hear me out.  I received three big bottles of V.S perfume from my husband on my birthday almost a year now.    I am still on my first bottle.  So I thought, why not share some of these, with his permission of course.  All I needed to buy are some pretty spray containers, placed some ribbons, and a personal note, and voila!


  • Body Scrub

1 cup salt

1 cup brown sugar

½ cup baby oil

Few drops of vitamin E (optional)

Dainty jars or recycled jars

Ribbons and glitters


In a bowl, mix salt, sugar, and oil until they form a fine sandy paste-like mixture.  Put this in a jar, seal well.  Decorate with ribbons, some beads or glitters




  • Homemade chocolate pancake specially made by my 4 year old daughter for the aunts.  She learned how to make pancakes from school.  Her teacher let each of them do the mixing and frying.  She was inspired by this, and wanted to do it at home by herself with my help,  as operating the gas stove could be dangerous.


Here it is,

2 cups chocolate pancake mixture

2 pieces of eggs

½ cup brown sugar

Some chocolate chips


In a bowl, mix all ingredients together until the mixture reaches a smooth texture.  Set this aside for 15 minutes.  Then fry.  Pack them in beautiful boxes.  Write some personal notes on the box with glitter pens.


How was your Christmas 2013?





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