Ice Cream Maker for Summer

Ice cream maker toy is one of the many awesome toys marketed in Youtube nowadays. What makes this really awesome is that, it gives children the feel of making a real ice cream.  The ice cream set comes with play dough in 4 different colors, ice lolly molders, several colorful popsicles, and the ice cream maker itself which needs to be assembled.

I think it is a great toy for the following reasons.

1.  It promotes fine motor movements and coordination.

2. It promotes creativity and artistry.

3. It fires up her imagination.


There are two points I want to stress here.  When it comes to buying toys parents should also take into consideration the materials the toy is made from.  For plastic toys, always make sure that they are BPA and phthalates free.  Personally (if I could help it), I would still go for wooden toys over plastic ones.


Summer is definitely having a blast. She has been wanting this toy the first time she saw it in Youtube, and finally she got one!

PicMonkey Collage


What is your little angel’s favorite toy?


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