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5 Must Haves for Mom on a Budget Bloggers

Juggling a full-time job and a family life is huge, and with blogging on the side, how huge do you think it could get. There are times when things get so overwhelmingly hectic that a momentary hiatus from blogging is a welcome breather. That’s right, just surface out for a bit of air before diving right in again. This gives me the needed time to relax for a little while and organize my thoughts on just about anything.

With tons of mom-work to do, office works to finish,  and blog posts to write, I’m just so grateful that there are a few great things that are actually making my life as a mom blogger easier. Whats more is that these are all affordable, and if you are super tight on the budget, some of these have free versions which are already more than good enough. Mom on a budget like me couldn’t be for more happy and grateful.

Here are some of the things that are definitely useful for mom on a budget blogger like me.

  1. Adobe Lightroom CC. Photography enthusiasts, food and travel bloggers are probably familiar with lightroom.  It is an photo editing software that could be downloaded from the internet to a PC. My husband has got this as he is into photography. He loves it! It’s easy to use and very intuitive. I, on the other hand, do not have the patience to study the intricacies no matter how easy it is. However, I also  do not like presets. What I was looking for was an editing tool that is simple, handy, and gives quality results. And yaas! I found it, the Adobe Lightroom CC. I stumble upon it while looking for an photo editing tool at the App Store. It is super simple, the terms used are easy to understand. No need for an in depth study. And because it is a mobile app, I could edit my photos anywhere, anytime, both online and offline. I could work on my photos while waiting for my kids, or in between breaks in the office.
  • Adobe Spark Post. If you are looking for graphic designs and photo collages, yet got no time to sit in front of your PC or laptop; this is the app for you. It is a mobile app that allows you to create unique, personalized graphics for your blog, social media, and other businesses anytime, anywhere. It has hundreds of different, attractive, and beautifully designed templates to choose from, and each and every one of these templates can be personalized to your liking. I have several blog posts that I could not find an appropriate photo to go with, so I always turn to Adobe Spark Post for the needed idea. For example, Diverse Outdoor Activities for Children is a list type post; I have got photos for each activity but I needed one graphic or photo to show at the beginning of the post.
  • mitchryan's blog
    created using Adobe Spark Post
  • PowerDirector is a video editing app for mobile phones. What I have is a free version, nevertheless, it does what it is made to do and it does it well. It has the usual features of video editing app and more.  Splitting or cutting video clips is what I like about it,  simply because this is often unavailable in most free video editors I have came across so far.  And with so much fuss about  copywrite infringement in Youtube,  I’m glad PowerDirector has its own line of music that are free and Youtube ready.
  • A smartphone is a blogger’s bestfriend! Phones have indeed become smart. Its functionality has exceeded far beyond its predecessors. Nowadays aside from voice call, smartphones are capable of video conferencing and more: blog, vlog, edit photos and videos, engage in social media, pay bills, research; the list is limitless.
  • DesignCap is an online poster and flyer maker.  The poster I’m using for this post was made using DesignCap.  Lovely,  isn’t it?  There are plenty of templates to choose from.  I designed this poster in my laptop,  so it is easier to manuever in,  out,  and around the work space.  Personally I would prefer to save my photo in my computer before sharing it in social media. DesignCap allows you to do this which I am so glad for. Also,  you could design your business posters or flyers straight away without creating an account though it would be great to have one so you could manage them better. And most importantly, it’s free!
  • Here are some of its  features.

    • Hundreds of poster and flyer templates available 
    • Thousands of resources including clipart images, shapes, fonts, and backgrounds
    • Fully customizable that you can make your own unique poster and flyer
    • Convenient and quick: no download or registration required

    Being busy and on a tight budget are not that bad after all,  thanks to these absolutely awesome blogging help, and other blogging hacks to increase traffic.

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    Fotor and Postermywall

    The best thing in life is, free.

    When internet started way back, almost all were for free.  As years passed, internet has crawled into the “must-have” list of every households and offices. The internet has become the largest market across the world. Companies started curtailing the free things, and started selling.   Others on the other hand, offers free versions of their products.
    Most of the photos I posted here are in collage. I have tried several photo editing websites online, but there are only 2 which I love and use most of the time, FOTOR.COM and POSTERMYWALL.COM. This is a voluntary review. I am not compensated whatsoever. This is my way of giving back to these 2 great companies aside from sharing their websites in social media every time I use their services.
    What do I like the most about fotor and postermywall?
    They allow saving/downloading directly to your computer or drop box, no fuss, no long-endless-do-this-to-save-it kind of thingy.  Which by the way is not allowed in other photo editing websites. Now, why do I like this feature? I am a blogger, so I want my photos seen first in my blog and not in facebook,twitter, or anywhere else.
    What other features I am sure you would love too?
    * You won’t have problems using the websites as they are user-friendly and opens almost immediately even with my slow internet connection.
    * They have other options if you choose to share your photos directly to your social media.
    * The photos on the collage/poster come out great, not pixelated even with the free version.
    * They have loads of features to choose from.

    Fotor …


    Collage (classic,funky, magazine, photo stitching, canvas, stickers)

    Edit a photo

    Design a card (holidays, weddings, and birthday)


    over 60 poster templates to choose from including 4th of July, Soccer, Photography, and even Hanukkah and Divali.

    How are online photo editing websites significant to you?



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