Derick’s First On-Stage Experience

Derick (in bright yellow “football” shirt), who’s now 2 and 8 months old danced to

“You are my sunshine and Twist” together with the rest of reception students.


Seeing little ones perform in front of a crowd with confidence and enjoying every bit of it makes parents really proud. Synchronization is no longer important, the mere fact that they were able to go up the stage, perform the entire presentation without throwing tantrums is definitely a major feat.

For most, performing in front of an audience is frightening. Stage fright is a real thing which could at times ruin a performance. Luckily though, these youngsters are oblivious to that. So through it all they did what they are suppose to do, and performed their hearts out on stage.  They had fun. We all had fun.

The entire show would not have been a success if not for the dedication and all out support of their teachers. Teachers are these children’s superheroes. Indeed they are! They made everything possible. The daily rehearsals are tasking and challenging. Their patients surely was put to the test, yet they were able to keep their cool. That’s why teachers are so loved by these cuties.  Not just this, teachers have to decorate the stage from planning, procuring, and the actual placing of backdrops and other decorations.  Good thing though makes life a bit easy.

We hope that this confidence in them is nurtured and will one day help them achieve greater heights in life.

To Derick, may you grow up full of charm, confidence, and humility.  May you always find yourself in auspicious situations, surrounded by happy, helpful, kind-hearted individuals, and to always look back and be grateful to all the people who have helped you along the way.

We love you.


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