Parenting Challenges: Favoritism

Favoritism is everywhere, in the work place, among colleagues and friends.

It is a reality.

Favoritism exists even in our family. When asked parents would automatically say that they treat their kids with fairness, which is ideal. But being ideal does not necessarily mean it is being followed by everyone. Whether parents are in denial or are totally oblivious, it is a family issue that may seem insignificant but in actuality has great emotional impact on the child. While the child is young the effect may not be obvious but as the child grows the effects emanate loudly through the child’s actuation and behavior.

It is something worth discussing about and worth sharing our insights and experiences with. Before relationships in the family become sore and irreparable let us give each other a helping hand and find ways and means to lessen if not completely eradicate favoritism in our family. The discussions might just be a heaven sent answer for inexperienced parents, and consequently saving a child from emotional turmoil.


What will I do when ……

…… I feel annoyance to one of my kids (for whatever reason) and a favorable inclination towards the other?

Please feel free to share your thoughts on this.




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