Family Bonding Ideas

A family that bonds together stays together.  After a days work, it is always sound to unwind, and there is no better way to unwind than to be with your family.  We owe it to ourselves and to our family.


1.  Legoland Windsor



Observing the lego brick animals is a very interesting idea to introduce the topic on animals.  The cleverly put up lego brick animals will surely catch every kid’s attention.  You will not only strengthen your bond as a family, but you also impart important knowledge, that your kids will treasure for life.


2.  Visit Madame Tussauds



Amazing! The kids would definitely love looking at them.  These beautiful artworks would spark endless questions from them.  Why are they not moving? Don’t they get tired standing?  Why are they not breathing? Who made them? Why did they make these? Can I do it too? These are just a few of many questions children would be asking?  This will be a fun and an educational experience for them.


3.  Watch a game unanimously liked by everyone in the family


If everyone agrees to watch football, then so be it.  If your kids are into sport, this is something they would love.


4.  Introduce them to theater and classic music


Modern kids are more adept with hard rock, and R and B music.  But being acquainted with classic music and theater is not bad at all.  Who knows, your children might someday find themselves acting onstage for one of these classics.


5.  Watch a concert



When children see parents being able to go with the latest music and go with  groove, it eases their feelings.  They feel more relaxed and open because it gives this feeling of understanding not only them but also their world.


Do share your ideas on more family bonding activities or destinations.



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Our Family’s Precious Weekend 

Our Family’s Precious Weekend 3

This weekend we did not really have any itinerary in mind.  What we did was our usual addiction..just drive around.  It is our most expensive vice so far.  Anyway, while driving going to Songkla, we happened to pass by this bunch of people who were flying something which looked like kites from afar, but are actually RC helicopter/airplane.

Summer was right away captivated by the sight of these big-sized RC (Remote Controlled) helicopter and airplanes.  She shouted in a dreamily fashion “oh I want to buy an airplane!”.  She was so curious.  Her questions were non-stop.

* Why is it big?

* Why does it have like this?  (imitating the motion of the propeller)

* Why did he do that?

* What did he put inside? (The RC airplane used real gasoline.)

* Can I touch it? Why not?

Oh my kids…

It was indeed a spectacle to watch.  If I was given the chance to play those big RC toys, I would gladly do so.  But we were mere spectators at that time; and I would not trust myself because it is not as easy as it looks.

Check our video




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