4 Extracurricular Activities for Your Kids

Kids are never born tabula rasa.  I just do not think that they are like blank sheets plunged into this world unprepared.  Kids already have some sort of unique and distinctive presets brought by the combination of genetic materials from both parents.  This genetic make-up together with the environmental conditions with which surround a child even from the womb and into the real world create a child’s total personality.

Parents are responsible in guiding a child discover and strengthen every bit and parcel encompassing his/her personality.  This task could be difficult.  There are many factors that could either help clear or blur him from seeing who he is; and what he really wants in life. Whatever the case maybe, at the end of the day, it always boils down to exposure.  A child who has variety and diverse experiences would most likely have the upper hand than those who has limited experiences.

Parents who have young kids in their formative years, now more than ever  is the appropriate time to expose them in variety of activities. Here are some suggestions for you.

4 Extracurricular Activities for Your Kids

*Music and theatre workshop.  Engaging in this workshop will help them discover for themselves the presence or absence of desire to pursue this field or not.   If ever they decide to go along this line, it is parents’ responsibility to support them.  Finding the right musical instruments or orchestra instrument accessories is easy nowadays.


*Maths and Science Activities.  Young kids definitely love to explore, discover, and even invent things.  This kind of workshop will pave way to finding that scientific-inclination in children.  Fun Maths activities will help young kids develop a positive attitude towards Maths which is regarded by most adults as difficult.

*Camping and outdoor activities.   Find out why parents need to engage children in outdoor activities from my previous post, entitled Two Absolutely Important Reasons Why Parent Should Engage Kids In Outdoor Activities.

*Entrepreneurship for kids. Teach your kids to be pipeline builders instead of being just bucket fillers.


What does your kid like doing?



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