conversation practice

3 Different Greetings and Leave Taking Dialogues

In this conversation practice, there are 3 different greetings and leave taking dialogues.

Greetings and leave taking are two essential parts of any conversation.


  1. Go through the dialogues below, and fill in the missing conversation replies. Please vary your replies for each dialogue.
  2. You may then practice the dialogue together with the video.
  3. Dialogue presentation online.

Practice 1

A: Hi, how are you doing?
B: _______________. __________________________?
A: I’m pretty good. Thanks for asking.
B: ________________. _________________________?
A: I’ve been great. What about you?
B: ________________. _________________________.
A: What school do you go to?
B: _________________.
A: Do you like it there?
B: ____________. ________________________.
A: Good luck with school.
B: ________________.

A: Well, it was nice talking to you.
B: _____________________________.
A: We should really hang out again.
B: __________________________.
A: Where do you want to go?
B: ______________________________.
A: That sounds good.
B: _____________________________.
A: I’ll call you later.
B: ____________________________.
A: See you later.
B: ____________.

Practice 2

A: How’s it going?

B: __________________. ________________?

A: Never better, thanks.

B: _____________________________?

A: I’ve actually been pretty good. You?

B: _____________________________.

A: Which school do you attend?

B: ___________________________.

A: Are you enjoying it there?

B: ______________. _________________.

A: Good luck with that.

B: _____________.

A: I enjoyed talking to you.

B: ______________________________.

A: We should hang out some time.

B: ____________________________.

A: Is there anything you would like to do next time?

B: __________________________?

A: I’d like that.

B: ______________________.

A: I’m going to call you soon.

B: ____________________.

A: See you soon.

B: _____________.

Practice 3

A: How are you doing today?

B: ________________. ___________________?

A: I’m absolutely lovely, thank you.

B: _______________________________?

A: I haven’t been better. How about yourself?

B: _______________________.

A: Where are you going to school?

B: ______________________.

A: How do you like it so far?

B: _________________. ______________________.

A: I wish you luck.

B: _________________.

A: I had fun talking to you.

B: ________________________________.

A: I think we should really do something sometime.

B: _____________________________.

A: What do you want to do next time?

B: _________________________________________?

A: Yeah, let’s do that.

B: _________________________.

A: I’ll call you so we can set that up.

B: ___________________.

A: All right, see you.

B: ___________.