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With Christmas vacation just around the corner, my whole family is kicking with excitement and anticipation. My kids just couldn’t wait for school to finish and so we can get on with our vacation plans. With an almost whole-year round hectic schedule, this is certainly something we all look forward to.
We are a family of photography enthusiasts, needless to say the first thing we packed were our photography equipment. Our living room walls unlike other families’ are decorated with big prints of family portraits and other treasured shots from previous getaways and travels. We love looking at them as they bring back happy, loving memories of the past. Aside from this, we still have tons of photo files stored in our laptop which I’d really love to print in a family photo album.

Being a Groupon Coupon member is certainly a blessing because there are plenty of affiliated brands, and one of them is Shutterfly.  Shutterfly is a great place to have photos printed from any preferred designs like family photo albums, to collage prints, and framed prints name it, they have it.

There are truly many ways to save money like getting discounts, buying on sale items, and using coupons.

And oh, Easy Canvas Prints is also with them. I been wanting to print in canvas some very nice photos taken from our vacation last year but it’s been put up on hold. This time I could have our most treasured photos printed right away. They’ve got as big as 80% off on canvas prints, easy canvas prints coupons, codes, promos, and sales.  Here’s more, shipping is FREE.

I’m so glad I joined Groupon Coupons (FREE membership). There are simply countless brands to choose from, and many of these brands are my all-time favorites.

Check out Groupon Coupons. You’d be surprise too.

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