High-Delay Children: Challenge Result

Previously I made a post about delayed gratification challenge my husband and I gave our kids.  I am happy to say that they were able to wait for 5 days, and of course we kept our part of the bargain.  So on Songkran Festival Day (13th April), the kids woke up early and excited. Eating breakfast miraculously went without qualms and complains. Putting on their attire for the day and wearing sun screen went smooth, no shouting and no resistance. Getting out of the house, which normally takes minutes, only took a jiffy.

So we drove around the city in our scooter, which they love so much.  They are probably feeling the freedom one gets in riding a motorbike. Anyway, we joined in the squirt gun battles, got our face painted with this powder thingy, and totally got soaked.

High-Delay Children:  Challenge Result
High-Delay Children: Challenge Result


That night, they hit the sack early and slept through the night.
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