A Taste of Lemon



Travelling long distance by train can be boring sometimes.

Derick, our son is 8 months old. He is in a stage described by psychoanalysts as oral stage.  At this stage, the baby’s energy and gratification is concentrated and obtained through the mouth.  He literally just wants to have a taste of everything.  Everything that he is able to grab goes to his mouth.  If you kiss him, he would turn his head to lick or suck your cheek.

While in the train, we had khaw phat Khai (Fried rice with chicken) for breakfast.  Derick was unstoppable. He wants to grab the food…..even the sliced manaw (Lemon )  hmmmmmm….

My husband and I, immediately thought, what if we….……guess what? Correct! We let Derick and Summer, our daughter to have a taste of the sliced lemon.  Some may think what horrible parents we are but we had a blast. My husband told me to get ready with his camera and click away the moment Derick and Summer get a taste of the lemon. And this is what we got.