Day Care

The terrible two is what they call it.  Kids at this age have a sense of new-found independence.  They love it.  They feel good about it. dc3 That is why they explore everything, anything where they could put their hands on. The whole world is like unraveling its marvel right in front of their very eyes.  Because of this new-found independence, they feel as if they are capable of doing everything.  They are simply unstoppable.  They are beginning to be adventurous.  they have an easy going attitude and have a great sense of personal identity.  But they have little concept of “others”, it is all about “me”.  They have a better control of their muscles. Of course they want to test it, thus, the running, jumping, hopping, rolling, climbing and more running, jumping, hopping, rolling, and climbing.


This is the nature of a two-year old.  No matter how “terrible” it is, it is normal.  It is necessary and essential for these tots to experience these to attain a sense of autonomy.  Parents and teachers should understand this complicated and intricate nature.  Thornton Co day care personnel and staff are knowledgeable and trained to deal with this nature.  This stage is fundamental and determiner of future successes.  An unsatisfied, incomplete developmental stage could result to feelings of shame and doubt.  Parents play the most important role.  Next is the school or any educational institution.  So for working parents who send their two-year-old tots to day care, have to choose really well.  Intermingling with other parents, day care hopping, and most especially listening to testimonials are just few of the things parents can do to be able to find the right day care.



Important aspects to consider in choosing a day care.


  • Qualification.  Look into the staffs’ educational and work history.  Background in Education and Psychology are the two fields to look for, because these courses study the child’s nature in depth.


  • Curriculum.  The curriculum is just as important.  Try to see if the curriculum is geared to fulfilling the developmental task of your child.  If it provides more than enough opportunity for your child to grow not just academically, but also socially, physically, and emotionally.


  • Facilities.  Play is very important.  See to it that the day care has playground both indoor and outdoor, and the playgrounds are equipped with safety measures.


  • Sanitation and safety.   Cleanliness is next to godliness, as what they say.  How sanitary is the day care – the toilets, the sleeping areas, classrooms, and eating area.


Thornton Co day care has all these.

What about your child’s day care?




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