Dance Preggy Dance

Dance induces labor and reduces the intensity of labor pains. Videos of pregnant women dancing have been rounding up the internet for sometime. It got my attention just recently because I remember dancing quite similarly just a few days before birthing. I did it not for these reasons (had no idea then) but just for fun. Thinking about it though I could personally say that it indeed does work wonders.

Here it is

Birthing experiences between my two children were totally different. The time it took me to push my first baby out was relatively easier and quicker than my second, and the labor was definitely lesser with the former than the latter.
I haven’t had any idea about birth and breathing neither have I gone to any lamaze lesson for both pregnancies. I didn’t have any idea on baby bathing, delayed cord clamping practice, and other post natal care. Wish I had a sort of Mommy manual. Anyway, the difference however was that I had been a couch potato during my second pregnancy and more physically active – walking, doing household chores, and dancing during my first.

I remember around 5 days or so before the baby was due my colleagues and I were having fun at the office. I love dancing and we thought how funny would I look dancing with my enormous protruding belly. And so my friend played “I’m Coming Out” by Diana Ross, and I ridiculously dance to it.

So here’s me and my silly dance. Please pardon the poor video quality. This was taken in 2009, and cellphone cameras then were not as powerful.

They say pushing a boy out is difficult than pushing a girl out. Though from experience it certainly was. However I do think whether it’s a girl or boy a great chunk of the difficulty or ease for that matter would always boils down to how prepared our body is.

So to all expecting mommas out there keep groovin’ to the tune!

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