Songkla Zoo Photo Contest Honorary Winner



My husband’s photo of Nancy, an Orangutan “The Nancy Pose” won an honorary prize in Songkla Zoo Photo Contest. He received a certificate and free membership card.  With the card, all four of us can go to any zoo in Thailand free of admission for a year.  You might be wondering how much was the cash prize.  The truth is, there’s none.  But as what my husband said “Mai pen rai” (never mind).  For him, as an amateur photographer and an expat at that, to be chosen is already a great honor.

We are hoping that this will be an annual activity of Songkla Zoo.

We are looking forward for SONGKLA ZOO PHOTO CONTEST 2013!!


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“The Nancy Pose”:  Songkla

Zoo Photo Contest


QUESTION: Is there something you’re so thankful about, that you’d do it again for free?