Here’s The Thing With Sentimentalist

A clingy personality is annoying at times.  I’m one of those individuals who couldn’t let go of things no matter how old or rubbish they’ve become for the sheer reason of sentimental value.  So that means for the years I have stayed on Earth I have accumulated tons and tons of things.  Our house is so full of stuff, from old telephone bills to old worn-out clothes, from broken chairs to decommissioned appliances and broken car parts.

Now the situation has gone ridiculously crazy. My stuff plus my kids’ clutter are unimaginably messy. Surely this calls for an immediate measure to keep the situation at home to a level of sanity.

To help myself, I made a personal guide to be strictly followed at all cost in case I’d go “Aah it’s such a waste to throw this out” or “This will still do” or “I can still use this next year.”.

Here’s the list.

  • Buy affordable but elegant furniture, custom chairs and tables, which complement with the rest of the house. It’s alright to spend on something once in a while.  Don’t be guilty.
  • Hold a garage sale for those old but still goodie things.  They need it more than you do, so let go.
  • Mark and keep important documents in a single drawer
  • Shred old documents with important personal details before throwing them away
  • Throw trivial papers like tickets, receipts, and the likes
  • Sell to recycling shops plastics that you thought of recycling or re-using but haven’t done until now

Aside from these, I repeatedly told myself these to justify my actions.

“If you’re not using it, then you don’t need it.

If you’re not using it, then it is such a waste.

So let go and let someone use it.”

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