Tooth Fairy and Ben 10

What we actually have at present are memories of our past. – MitchRyan

Whenever my sisters and I get a chance to get together, funny, crazy, and happy moments we shared are oftentimes the topic. Reminiscing those bring us back in time, reminding us of that beautiful bond that binds us together.  It would have been great though had we captured those moments on photos,  to remind us of those treasured moments by the time our memories have already failed us.

Now, it’s my kids turn to make their own.

photo by Ryan D.
photo by Ryan D.

Taken a few weeks after Sumsum Dee pulled her fourth milk tooth out on her own.  She was very proud. Here, she’s wearing a polka-dot, sleeveless dress with pink head-band which she most of the time wears like a tiara.

Ben 10 moves
Ben 10 moves

Derick Dee is wearing his favorite Ben 10 attire which he extremely adores eventough others say they look like pajamas.

They are very well on Pretend Play or Make-Believe Play phase of development. This phase in child development is thought of by theorist as very crucial in every child’s cognitive, affective, and psychomotor development.

Could you still remember your pretend play as a child?

How about your own kids, who are they pretending to be?

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How Important Is A Child’s Formative Years?

preschool 2

Changes in children during the formative years are remarkably dramatic and fast pace.  The changes which include motor, language, cognitive, social, and emotional developments are unmatched in any other human developmental stages. A child’s behavior during these years, from birth to 8 years old, is an essential bit and parcel to his entire development.  The formative years have the most critical moments which could either make or break a child.  According to UNICEF and other studies, 90 percent of brain development occurs during these years; and that 85 percent of a person’s personality is developed during his formative years. A child’s academic achievement later on in life is gauged by the quality of relationships built through interaction, engagement, and support between the child and parent or caregiver during his early childhood.

Nowadays, since children are starting school at a very early age, school teachers and staff are among the significant people who play an important role in their future’s success. Choosing a school with quality preschool program, like preschool in Katy, TX  is therefore of an utmost importance. Below is a list of pre-requisites parents should consider before choosing a preschool.

  • Teachers and staff  with the right qualifications and training for the job, for example, a degree in Education or Child Psychology.  A teacher with a degree in Engineering, Accountancy, and the likes may be very good for tertiary level, but never for preschool. Preschool teachers must have a strong background about the nature of learning and the learners, and must be trained in how to impart knowledge to young kids.
  • A comprehensive curriculum that gives emphasis to all facets of learning like Cognitive which includes the major subjects like Mathematics, Sciences, Language and Literature, Humanities; Psychomotor like Physical Education, Dance and Music, Design and Technology ; Affective like Life Skills subject, play time, extracurricular and outdoor activities.
  • School facilities – spacious, well-ventilated and learning conducive classrooms, safe, padded indoor playroom, outdoor playground, library, laboratory, computer room, clean kitchen or canteen.
  • An overall child-friendly atmosphere


How important is a child’s formative years?


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