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One of the best feelings that a photographer could ever feel is when his/her photos get appreciated, voted, and wins a competition. Water Lilies is one of the subjects I like taking photos of. ¬†They have got vibrant,attractive colors that look great in pictures, and I’ve taken hundreds of them. Three of which have received the Best Photo of the Week Award at Pixoto.com.

The weekly award is the most sought after award by photographers who join Pixoto. It’s because it is the only award that has money involved.

One of my recent water lily photo which bagged the Best Photo of the week Award.

Taken with a Canon 550D + 70-300 IS USM Luxury Lens

The competition is always a tight one battling for the weekly award. You win some you lose some. But nonetheless the fun is always there seeing you photos competing with other photos from photographers all over the world.

These are some of my photos that did well but fell short of getting the weekly award.


If you would like to download a printable copy of these photos please do so at my pixoto.


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