Two Absolutely Important Reasons Why Parent Should Engage Kids In Outdoor Activities

Learning is achieved when one is able to apply the concepts and theories learnt in the classroom in real life scenario. Major chunk of classroom learning is concentrated on acquiring of knowledge from teacher lecture and class discussions.  Although these are undoubtedly and inevitably important teaching methodologies, these alone could not achieve the kind of learning we aimed for in our kids.  Otherwise, learning will remain in the cognitive level which is bound to be forgotten sooner or later. This is where hands-on and outdoor activities come in, which complete the whole parcel.  While in the classroom minds are filled with concepts and theories, the meaningful experiences gained through hands-on and outdoor activities build connections between the two.


Here are two absolutely important reasons why we should engage our kids in outdoor activities.

  • It REINFORCES, STRENGTHENS, and, SOLIDIFIES learning.  A child learning about animals may only see some animals from the teacher’s prepared visuals.  Backing up these vivid pictures with real animals reinforces learning; which is further strengthened by their experience of actually hearing, smelling, and touching the animals. A child will appreciate and remembers the three secondary colors if he actually mixes colors and witnesses with his own eyes as the color changes. This meaningful experience enables a child to build connections between concepts and theories learnt in the classroom and the real world solidifying learning for life. Thus the axiom I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. – Confucius

  • It gives opportunities for kids to become CONSCIENTIOUS SOCIAL BEING. Outdoor activities present situations wherein the affective domain is exercised. Children interact with both their fellow and the physical environment around them which includes plants, animals, and other inanimate objects.  The experiences gained from these interactions could lead to feelings and reflections in a whole different way about themselves, towards others and the environment. These affective experiences are foundation to a principled individual who has great sense of what is right and what is wrong. Individuals governed by conscience and love not only for himself but for others and the environment.



Painting on the beach.
They tried mixing the paints to create another color. Summer helped Derick with his painting who kept insisting on doing things on his own. After the painting session, they joined other kids playing in the nearby playground.



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