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Even if you have a big house, you still might be constricted by small space in certain rooms. Usually, bathroom is the major culprit. This problem comes from the fact that we have to fit so many different items within this room. Each one of them takes a considerable amount of surface leaving us with so little space to move around. As you well know, this can pose a major problem given that bathroom is a place where we like to relax and take a nice shower after a long, hard day.

At the same time, this restriction poses a great problem if you wish to experiment and create something beautiful. Different rules apply when it comes to interior design of a small bathroom in comparison to a big one.
However, you shouldn’t be too concerned. There are some easy tricks which can help you arrange your bathroom space making it more functional.

1. Put mirror in a frame

There is a lot of clutter in small bathrooms. Because of this, we are restricted by the items which are within it. Even if you wish to decorate it, you will still have to consider various items and equipment so that you can make a sound composition. Instead of trying to make sense out of this chaos, you can try something completely different. Focus on one item and try to avert attention to it. Mirror is a logical choice. Most of us (consciously or subconsciously) look at the mirror as soon as we step into a bathroom. Use it to your advantage. Put a nice frame around it and make it the centerpiece of the room. By doing so, person will disregard all the other stuff and concentrate on this one item.

2. Organizing your make-up

Although you can keep your make-up someplace else, bathroom is the logical choice for it. However, if you don’t have enough space, it can cause all sorts of headache. Naturally, you will always put it in a cupboard or closed section in order to protect it from potential splashing. Small bathrooms can accommodate only small cupboards. Have in mind that besides make-up, you have to store various other objects inside such as clippers, spare soaps, deodorants, razors etc. Best way to get more space is to buy small plastic boxes for make-up. Now, you might argue that cases do the same job. But, there is a big difference. When make-up is in transparent boxes, you can easily see what you need and get it. This way you can avoid any mess which is caused when searching through cases. Also, it looks much nicer.

3. Rolling your towels

This practice is really common for hotels. Your probably noticed it over the years and wondered why they are doing it. When you are stacking towels one on top of another, you always have to take the one from the top regardless of which one you need. Otherwise, if you take the one from the middle or bottom, you will likely mess up the other ones. As a result, they will all look badly folded. If you wish to have a nice and cozy bathroom, you have to avoid this at all costs. After rolling your towels, you can put them vertically. This means that you can pick just the towel that you need, big ones for body, medium for hair and small for make-up. Simultaneously, by rolling them and putting them in a basket, you can make a nice arrangement. Your towels will look like a bouquet of roses which is enough of a reason to apply this trick.

4. Use boxes to your advantage

The biggest issue with small bathrooms is the way you are using ground space. In other words, your cupboards will usually be positioned under the sink or above it. In most of the cases, they will be floating around. This is a great thing as it gives you more space. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of space which can be used to store various objects. Use different boxes and place them on the ground level. Within them, you can keep spare toilet paper, detergents and other things which you seldom use. By doing this, you are accomplishing two things: you are both protecting them from water and other spills and keeping them out of visitors’ sight.

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