Summer’s Barbie Doll

Summer’s newest toy is a dancing Barbie Doll.  It was a giveaway by a colleague of mine.  So I wrapped it in pink paper (Summer’s favorite color), and surprised my daughter.  I gave it to her when we were in the car, and told her to wait until we get home before she can open it.  So to divert her attention, I made her guess instead.  She said that it was a “Christmas tree”.  It made us laugh.  It was such a funny guess.  She just shrugged, when asked as why she thought it as such.

When we got home, she opened it, making “cartoonish” gestures and faces.  Those are her ways of showing her excitement.  It warms my heart to see her smile with delight.


Were you a Barbie Doll fanatic when you were young? Is your daughter enamored by Barbie dolls?