Pregnant women harassment

“Whatever else the tabloid-media feel a sick need to spew out of their venomous bowels,

let that be their lame choice. But there should be some moral

It doesn’t matter who the woman is or what she does,” she wrote.

“No one should ever be publicly judged for their body, but to attack an

expecting mother is sacrilegious and just plain wrong. A pregnant woman

should not be criticized for her shape, period!!” – Helena Christensen

I read this from OMG yesterday.

Firstly, I was struck by the braveness of Helena to openly defend women against media harassment (not really kim Kardashian).  I salute you.  It was also a sort of an eye-opener for me.  Every now and then I read about entertainment. Everytime there are negative articles about how someone gained weight, about how awful this female celebrity looks.  Before it was Jessica Simpson and now Kim Kardashian.  There have been many others as well.  But these two women are the most sensationalized.

 Secondly, negative criticisms on a pregnant woman is way too cruel, unscrupulous and brainless. I mean, seriously? What do you expect? She will get thinner.  I feel bad for Kim, or even Jessica.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a fan.  But I’m a mother.  No matter how tough or I-don’t-care-what-they-say type of personality a woman has, but when a woman is pregnant it’s a totally different story. All these physical and hormonal changes play havoc on a woman’s emotions.

While reading the article, I imagine myself being bullied and laughed at because everything in me is getting bigger and bigger.  Oh my gosh! I was so big and ugly during my second pregnancy.  Had I heard negative criticisms from people around me back then, it would have really devastated me.  I mean honestly speaking, being pregnant is not a walk in the park.  It’s quite difficult.  So negative criticisms would not really help.  It’s like adding insult to injury.

So I strongly agree with Helena. Articles criticizing women because of their looks, appearance, and weight are just out right bullying. Articles criticizing pregnant women are just monstrously foul and unethical.


qqeust How do you feel about media harassment in general?




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