Free SMS Philippines


Homesickness is nothing new to an expatriate like me.  To most Filipinos living and working overseas, it is inherent.  Being able to communicate or express concerns to loved ones is the only consolation to ease up this homesickness.  That is why mobile phones and laptops are expatriates and OFW’s best friends.

Just recently, I came across free SMS Philippines.  It is a new SMS portal, which allows sending of text messages to any mobile network, take note, any mobile network in the Philippines.  Registration is not needed. All you need is an internet connection, open the website and send UNLIMITED messages FOR FREE.  Yes, that’s right. For free! No hidden charges or fees.  Plus, you can send messages in any language.

It is easy and very simple to use, it works and it’s for FREE! Messages are received almost in an instant.  It is an uncomplicated and honest app.  If you need to send a quick message to your relatives back home or you are out of load, this is the right app for you.

For an expatriate like me, this is heaven sent.  It could not get any better than this.  It works.  Most of all it’s FREE





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