Product Review: AJ Sound System

For the first time my family bought a Thailand made sound system, AJ.  In the past 10 years here, it has always been either Philips or Samsung.  But for whatever reason we just decided to try AJ.

Anyway, what about it?

Well, for the price of 2,990 baht (85$), the sound quality is the closest thing you get to a Sony. That’s right.  Great, isn’t it?

It has a two-tone color design with wooden panels.  It looks massive, heavy, and simple without fancy stuff.  Features include AUX, DVD, USB, Bluetooth, and FM radio. It’s a 5.1 ch surround system starting with a beautifully crafted sub-woofer, left and right speakers, left and right surround speakers and a center speaker all of which are separately controlled by four knobs.

However, there is one quirk that can be annoying at times.  It does not have a general knob for the volume.  So what I’m saying is that, you would have to turn all the knobs (all four of them) to adjust the volume.  Just imagine if the baby stirs a bit and you’d have to hurriedly lower the volume or else your ME time is over.

Now, I don’t know if this is how it is at the present modern-day sound systems but for sure it was not like this with our previous.  Anyhow, apart from this everything else works very well.  It may not be the best looking, fancy appliance there is but in terms of functionality, it is unquestionably great.  It means business.  What you see is what you get.  There are no compatibility issues, which was the case with our previous sound systems.  AJ works perfectly with other electronics like TVs, laptops, and mobile phones.

Have you had any experience with Thailand made products? How was it?

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