Ending the year with a BANG!

I have been dormant for the past few months both from photography and blogging due to a very hectic schedule. I moved to a University just recently leaving my beloved Anubans(Kindergarten) and Pratom(Graders) students with a heavy heart. That also meant moving to another city. Although my new city is not that far from the previous one but the new work took a lot of my time adjusting to the new work schedule of the University and of course the transition from teaching primary students to tertiary.

December came in a flash, and before I knew it Christmas day was over. Being in a Buddhist country that’s how it is but they do celebrate the New Year with a BANG! And that places fireworks in the equation.

So I opened some YouTube tutorials on how to photograph fireworks. It’s a first time for me so I really needed some information/idea on how to do it. I came upon Fro Knows Photo’s tutorial and God knows how I tried so hard to do what he did. So here are the better shots I got.


My first Blog for 2014! Hurrah!


Ending the year with a BANG!

Taken with a Canon 550D with an 18-55mm IS kit lens











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