Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review

Among the oceans of video converter software inundating the internet nowadays, Wondershare is certainly legit and is best to nothing, no contest.

For non-computer savvy Moms like me, there are two important things to look for when purchasing, functionality and practicality.

Does it really work?  Is it easy? Can a computer dummy like me do it? Or Do I end up dumping it out of frustration? Does it come with a malware or something? Or Do I end up buying a lemon? These are just few questions I ask myself. Yes, I’m pretty skeptical. Having bought some crappy products online, wouldn’t you be?


The wonders of Wondershare

Wondershare is so generous with its offerings. It does not only convert videos but it has loads of other wonderful features like trimming, cropping, and video effects and filters. It’s a no nonsense software. The interface is clean and everything is accessible. There are no extra, unnecessary requirements, prerequisites, and whatnot to run it. Just install it. Voila!

This is the main screen, as you can see all the features are right up-front – convert, download videos from the internet, burn, and transfer files directly from your PC to your device (iOS, Android, camcorder, flash disk, hard disk). It’s so user-friendly, all you need to do is add all video files you want converted, edit video as desired and hit convert button; it converts them in no time and saves them automatically as a separate file. Oh I forgot to mention, it also has watermark, subtitle, and audio control features.

Wondershare main screen


And oh another thing, if you hit that TOOL button it will give you these. Awesome!

Fun Media tools


So far, I have converted tons of videos which I took with my JVC camcorder, car camera, and Olympus underwater camera. These videos have not been shared to friends and relatives due to incompatibility issues. But now I could. I’m so lovin’ this.

Here’s a short video I took of my wedding bouquet using a JVC camcorder (in .vob format) that I have edited and converted to mp4 using Wondershare.


And here’s a GIF I made.




It’s practical alright

The best things in life are free.  But if it comes with all sorts of bugs, no thank you. Wondershare is an honest to goodness software.  A Lifetime License at $59.95, yes, one-time fee for free lifetime update, and if working online like blogging, web designing, online business, and the likes,  is your bread and butter, this is surely practical!


Wondershare is a WONDERful, easy to use, feature inundated video converter software.

It’s fun. It’s awesome.

I love it!


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