Dads are Parents Too, Right?

Dads nowadays have surely evolved.  They have become more concerned and involved in rearing their children. They have become real Dads in the truest sense of the word. They’re no longer just the father figure who works to provide the needs of the family. Now Dads are seen doing things like,

  • cooking breakfast
  • doing the grocery
  • dressing their daughters
  • doing their daughter’s hair
  • wearing matching shirt with Mom and the kids
  • doing the dishes or laundry
  • sending kids to school
  • changing diaper

These are few of the things that modern Daddies are embracing as responsible parent. Whenever they’re seen doing these, women can’t help but go “ah, that’s so cute!” In Thailand, men who take care of his children are highly respected. Let this be the measure of being a real man!


I found this photo in HLN network.


Do you know of any ah-so-cute moment with the man of your life or with your Dad? Do share below, and let the world know.


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