Thai Teaching License

Do you need to get or renew your Thai teaching license?

Working expats in Thailand especially English teachers have to acquire a teaching license from the Teachers Council of Thailand (คุรุสภา), and regularly renew this every five years.  It is necessary to have a Thai teaching license as this is one of the requirements for non-B visa extension (working visa) which is done annually.  For first-time getters, attending a seminar on Thai culture is a must.  This Thai culture seminar is regularly scheduled by the teachers council.

Download these forms, comply all requirements,and follow the procedure.

KS 02 Professional License renewal application Form

KS 02.10 Qualification Declaration Form for License Renewal Applicant

Teaching license requirements

Pay to post payment form

Send these papers to
Mailing Address
Teaching License
Professional License and Registration Bureau
Professional License Services Unit
Secretariat Office of the Teachers’ Council of Thailand
128/1 Nakhon-Ratchasima Road,
Dusit Sub-District, Dusit District
Bangkok 10300

To get the teaching license card, you can either go there yourself or authorize someone to collect it for your.  You may need to send an authorization letter and a copy of the information page of your passport duly signed.

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